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The game of black jack is largely considered in the world of casino game playing as the ultimate table game. Some school of thought are of the opinion that the game cannot be simpler than it is already is in its rules, yet the game is very tricky as far greenhorn players of this game are concerned.There is an undisputable fact that it does not matter how easy the rule may seem to be, as a player there are options provided by the casino. This in itself makes the game very interesting and attractive to a prospective player.

black jack objectives and basic rules

    There is a caution for you as a player before you start playing this game in the casino, it will do you a lot of good to learn about the game and have a full grip of how it is played. The thinking of most advanced player of this game is that they get as close as 21 but not even attaining it at all. This is an erroneous belief. The objective of Blackjack is to beat the dealer without going over 21 and thereafter, you must beat the dealer or have their bust. That is the rule! Now see the basic principle as stated below The game of Blackjack is usually played with one to about eight decks always with 52 cards. Aces in the card are counted as 1 or 11points. Whereas the cards from 2 to 9 are counted as per their face value, then tens and face cards are regarded always as 10 points. The hands consist of two cards, and then its value is the sum of the point value of the individual cards. The highest hand consists of an Ace and any other card is counted as 10 points. This is called “Blackjack” The rules guarding the game are very simple. Should the total value of your hand exceed 21, you go bust and lose. If on the other hand, the dealer’s hand is closer to 21than yours, this means you have lost.

before playing blackjack

Yeah, you have to know some salient points before you set about playing Blackjack. This can only be achieved when you expended some considerable time at observing the casino and its policy. In the course of doing this, you will get yourself familiar with the diverse kinds of Blackjack being played in the casino. I hereunder list the most important things you are looking out for while doing your observations.Ensure that you are fully aware what the minimum stake is at each table.Ascertain if a shoe is being used by the dealer or there is a dealing machine. This factor has significance if we are to consider more experienced players. Note, however, that these two methods have no particular significance for a beginner in the game of Blackjack.It is recommended that you join a table where there are few players. This decision will afford you greater benefit at settling down and relaxed. It is advisable that you endeavor to stay away from tables that there are many people playing because the game can be very slow. When the game is very slow, it will be unattractive to follow.

Do not forget to choose a stake base on your bankroll. This is very important, as experts are of the opinion that you should sit down at Blackjack table with as much as bankroll that will be about 40 times the stake which you wish to bet! For confidence and trust building, it is my candid opinion for a beginner like you, a minimum of 20

times your intended stake amount is recommended. Do not forget that bankroll management is theresponsibility of every player, it is the art of self-discipline and it is strongly advocated.Ascertain if the house pays 3-2 for the Black jacket. The reason for this advice is that some casino does pay 6 – 5, which is very bad situation because well over about

1% of swung back in the bank and thereafter and ultimately for the casino.Do note if the dealer will prefer to stand on “soft 17”. This is the best option for the dealer. However, you are as a player, it is not recommended that you should stand on “soft 17”, rather try always to make your hand better than that.

other player option offered

There are some casinos when you get into them, you will find rules that are obtainable in the casino on blackjack tables. Should you come inside and you are unable to lay your hands on these rules, it is advisable to move to an empty table and ask the dealer for them? It is incumbent on the dealers and supervisors to make one available to you. Below are also some of the important options provided by the casino

  • Early surrender
  • Double down after splitting
  • Soft double
  • Re-splitting of Aces

I am sure that having critically read all of the above with respect to the game with your desire to earn some extra bucks through the playing of the casino.You should understand that these house rules are put in place with the casino holds against you with respect to the game of blackjack.

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